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This releases includes two versions of the program: the usual console program and a new C++/FLTK-based GUI. The graphical user interface version retains the essential program functions and the same general layout, although the connections between the program functions are made synchronous and explicit in the GUI. Both the console program and the GUI operate identically on the underlying database. After fltk-1.1.10 is compiled and installed and you follow the instructions for the installation of the console program even if you do not actually install the console program, descend into the "fltk" directory in the NUT distribution, edit the Makefile if necessary, and then type "make" to compile the "Nut" GUI executable. You may use the console and GUI versions interchangeably, but not at the same time because they would overwrite each other's changes to the database just as two instances of the console program would; although the problem is made worse because the GUI saves its state much more often and a change to anything in the GUI is a change to just about everything in the GUI. The GUI is not resizeable; however, if you edit the "fontsize" file in the .nutdb directory, the next time the GUI comes up it will size itself proportionally to the new font size in pixels. The range is 8 to 24; the default is 14.
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