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README: log entries for the last 20 revisions 77 2011-01-28 Improved key bindings for display panel. Cancel unmodified edit with escape. With display selected, activate edit with return and delete. Shift selection to tree and pass key event to it. Changed status to '5 - Production/Stable'. 76 2011-01-25 Initialize browser window with a smaller size and set this as the minimum size to ensure that html is wrapped properly on resize. 75 2011-01-25 Made browser window resizable. 74 2011-01-16 Catch and report notes with missing bodies. 73 2011-01-16 Increased caret width to 2 pixels. Wraped proces_file loop in try, except block to enable failing gracefully with bad files. Display any problem messages as well as writing to log file. 72 2010-12-21 Changed function key bindings to make F2 show about to be consistent with etm. Changed default for ntsenc to '.text' to allow the encoded files to be treated as text files and to fix a missing extension bug under OS X. 71 2010-12-13 In display, begin edit if enter is pressed. Pass non-display keycodes onto tree control. 70 2010-12-12 After saving a new or modified note, ensure that the note is visible and selected. 69 2010-11-22 If 'EDITOR' is blank, use the setting for 'editor' and, similarly for 'EDITCMD' and 'editcmd'. Added encoding for temp file used when creating or editing a note from with the CLI. Remove temp file when finished. 68 2010-11-20 Fixed encoding bug in command line quick and add options. 67 2010-11-19 Changed save and move dialogs to allow creating a new file and made 'quick' the default. 66 2010-11-19 Restored ON_KEY_DOWN binding erroneously omitted from the display panel. 65 2010-11-18 Don't show 'none' as a tag in the id line of the display panel in the GUI. 64 2010-11-18 Added edit_file option to the CLI. Called with note number, opens file in external editor at beginning line of note. 63 2010-11-17 Added tag usage report for the CLI. Added flexibility to the details display and improved output. By default, show numbered items in the CLI. Added recognition for numbered ARGS, e.g., 'n.py -p passwords 10 14:16' would limit the display to the notes numbered 10, 14, 15 and 16 of those which satisfy the -p filter. Added option to edit, -e NUM, or remove, -r NUM, the note numbered NUM. Added option to add a note with file selection using '-a', or to the 'quick' file (specified in ~/.nts/rc) using '-q'. Added date stamps - instances of '!d' found anywhere in a note will be replaced by the current date and time. 62 2010-11-11 Respect rc font settings in the styledtextctrl. 61 2010-11-11 Added 'active color' to display panel when activated but not yet modified. Fixed key binding problem under Windows. 60 2010-11-11 Replaced standard txtctrl with styledtextctrl. Based on Scintilla, this adds most of the features associated with modern editors, e.g., undo, redo, drag and drop, etc. 59 2010-11-05 Added hack to enable Shift-Control-S to work on IMacs with wireless keyboards. 58 2010-11-04 Fixed bug in assigning key-binding for Shift-Ctrl-S.
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