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3.2.1 (2013.06.10) nGrinder 3.2.1 is the bug fix and minor enhancement release. We applied nGrinder 3.2 internally for 1 month and found several enhancement point. This made this version more concrete and workable in the large deployment. - New feature and change * Almost all of HTML pages are rewritten to follow the HTML standard. Now it supports IE10 perfectly. * Now you can see the scripting error in the agent log to easily find the scripting problem. * Groovy Engine becomes more concrete. Now each thread use its own JUnit Runner object so that each test is thread safe. In addition, @RunRate annotation for each test method is available to control the run frequency. It loads Groovy script with UTF-8 encoding as well so that a user can write the CJK characters. * The available agent memory is calculated more accurately. Instead of using free memory, now it uses actual free memory. * Each performance test page retrieval becomes speedy even when there are many files in SVN. Bug [NGRINDER-600] - Fix IE10 compatibility issue [NGRINDER-608] - Make the memory setting more concrete for test process [NGRINDER-610] - Fix typo errors [NGRINDER-612] - Make controller's IP configurable [NGRINDER-613] - Make script error transferred from agent [NGRINDER-615] - Make startime null when test is scheduled [NGRINDER-616] - Make monitoring data failure concrete [NGRINDER-617] - Fix wrong classpath filtering in the process execution [NGRINDER-618] - Dynamic system configuration update is not working after the first update. [NGRINDER-622] - Add host settings for groovy maven project in quicktest [NGRINDER-625] - Make groovy tc thread use diffrent test object [NGRINDER-629] - Clean up the url after upload files [NGRINDER-630] - Use UTF-8 for groovy class loading Improvement [NGRINDER-609] - Speed up the perf test detail page view [NGRINDER-611] - Clean up ftl files [NGRINDER-619] - Make the easier method name filtering for record [NGRINDER-620] - Increase the default max vuser to 2000 [NGRINDER-621] - Elaborate script template [NGRINDER-623] - Shrink the script editor when expanding validation result panel [NGRINDER-624] - Enable runNumber in groovy script in JUnitContext [NGRINDER-627] - Make groovy runner efficient [NGRINDER-628] - Enable the package folder structure for groovy maven project New Feature [NGRINDER-626] - Add @RunRate annotation to control the run frequency for each @Test method
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