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3.1.3 (2013.03.29) We're proudly releasing nGrinder 3.1.3 which fixes bugs and visibility. This is the last version 3.1.X series, we'll work on 3.2 as a next release. - New features and changes: * Now test report can be viewed without login. * A user can specify the sampling interval to make the graph not to be fluctuated. * A user can see the per test TPS chart when the sampling interval is greater than 2. * A user can upload and use native libs (so, dll) to reuse existing assets. This is enabled only if the security mode is disabled. * A user can provide the any kind of custom value for monitor by regularly outputting the GC count and JVM memory usages. * A user can upload dll or so to run test using native libs. SecurityMode should be disabled and JNA should be imported for natvie lib access. Bug [NGRINDER-560] - Make test report visible without login [NGRINDER-564] - Ignore Sigar Exception while collecting network usage. [NGRINDER-569] - Make agent status string longer [NGRINDER-570] - Make ignore sampling option affect to the total statistics [NGRINDER-571] - Fix DB errors occurred during running test because agent_status field is not long enough [NGRINDER-572] - Fix inconsistency b/w total and per test statistics by timing difference [NGRINDER-573] - Make cookie parsing impl work with secure=1 entry [NGRINDER-575] - Make graph start from 0 on x axis [NGRINDER-576] - Make nGrinder compilable with missing jars [NGRINDER-578] - Make smooth sampling values for consequent calls for catching up the time Improvement [NGRINDER-243] - Provide an export image button for each chart [NGRINDER-554] - Provide user defined monitoring feature [NGRINDER-555] - Provide network usage graph in report page [NGRINDER-556] - Save memory for monitoring graph display [NGRINDER-557] - Provide the custom monitoring guide [NGRINDER-559] - Improve monitor chart performance [NGRINDER-562] - Provide per-test TPS graph in the detail report page [NGRINDER-563] - Update jqPlot to new version. [NGRINDER-565] - Provide the customizable agent log [NGRINDER-566] - Make validation service accessible from plugin [NGRINDER-574] - Introduce the sampling interval [NGRINDER-577] - Provide the way to reserve the agent memory for native libraries. [NGRINDER-579] - Add jna support
Source: README, updated 2013-03-29