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3.1.2 (2013.02.22) We're proudly releasing nGrinder 3.1.2 which enhances the usability and visibility. With some bug fix, the following improvements are for the effective operations of nGrinder. - New features and changes: * Enable realTime target server monitoring. Now you can see how the target server reacts during tests. * Monitor agent network usages and be able to run the plugin to do something on the agents. * See logs passed from agents directly in the browser. * Provide an option which unlocks the agent memory XMX limitation (by default it was 1G). Add agent.useXmxLimit=false in ${NGRINDER_AGENT_HOME}/agent.conf * Make the Tomcat stoppable by shutdown command. * Use record instead of wrap by default in the script. * Make a user be able to define new statistics. * Provide several more useful plugin interface. * Fix the bugs in which the some sampling points are missing in the final result. - Details Bug [NGRINDER-511] - Make the agent server mode optional [NGRINDER-512] - Provide a user defined statistic chart [NGRINDER-516] - Fix typo errors [NGRINDER-517] - Make the tomcat stoppable [NGRINDER-519] - Delete pid when agent stop command run is succeeded [NGRINDER-527] - Make the sampling count accurate and speed up the updateStatistics [NGRINDER-528] - Make the agent monitor data is saved in DB [NGRINDER-537] - Fix the bug which show then a test report panel in few seconds even when a user click test config panel Improvement [NGRINDER-509] - Make the monitor data visible in realtime [NGRINDER-513] - Make basic_template use record not wrap [NGRINDER-514] - Make the agent connection error more visible [NGRINDER-515] - Delete unnecessary packages. [NGRINDER-518] - Make logs viewable in browser [NGRINDER-520] - Collect network usage data from agent and make it stoppable when overflow [NGRINDER-521] - Make ngrinder loginable from HTTP BasicAuth [NGRINDER-523] - Add an option to enable agent processes to use more than 1G memory [NGRINDER-522] - Make network usage status available in agent monitor [NGRINDER-524] - Make the resource / lib folder feature more explicit [NGRINDER-526] - Make an agent connect to the console with controller ip [NGRINDER-529] - Make plugin be able to see the currently attaching agent info [NGRINDER-530] - Split physical network check to plugin [NGRINDER-531] - Delete copyright [NGRINDER-532] - Fix the missing region info in the bad network situation [NGRINDER-533] - Make chart Y value 10 at minimum [NGRINDER-534] - Modify Layout to show the main content bigger [NGRINDER-539] - Make console host name used in agent.conf
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