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Executable_v1.02b.zip 2012-04-15 219.2 kB 11 weekly downloads
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What's new and Fixed....v1.02 __________________________________ 1) Added Complete iRemember Feature. 2) Added Messenger application. 3) Added new Icons. 4) Added new Window Option. 5) Fixed User Accounts. 6) Fixed a lot of bugs(back,forward, history related). 7) Added a new option "CLEAN" that would clean the address bar and would make the page blank. 8) Removed Stop button. 9) Added New Application icon. 10) Added Express Accounts feature. 10) Added in Downloads the Web browser server Application and the messenger server application. ___________________________________ **********FAQ************* How to Start the program?? I)SETUP 1)Check that if you have installed the latest JRE(java runtime environment) or not. II)RUN 1) Extract all the files at any location 2) start the program by clicking NetZBrowser.jar file then if you want to use iRemember feature locally on your computer start WebBrowserServer.jar and also start messenger_server.jar if you want to use it's messenger and file sharing feature. III) If Problems... 1) check that you have extracted the lib folder with the NetZBrowser.jar file or not ... without it the program will not run. 2)If the program still doesnt run go to cmd and then cd to the location where NetzBrowser is present the type java -jar NetZBrowser.jar IV) NOW what is iRemember??? It's a feature in the web browser that will not only help you to save your browsing progress at any time but also to resume it from any computer/anywhere around the world until you are using this browser. V) HOW??? When you logout, it will send back all the details to the server and when you log back in it will send all your session data to the browser. VI) How to create an account?? Just type in any username and password... if it already doesn't exist it will create a new one.(Express accounts) VII) I can't see server app?? When you start server app(both messenger server and browser server) it will start in background.. it doesn't have GUI. VIII) HOW can i set server IP?? As of right now i have coded it to localhost( in next release i will add an option to change it. IX) It's not working???? if you are using Windows 7/8 or vista make sure you disable UAC (goto control panel goto user accounts now goto user accounts control settings now move it to never notify)...WHY???... as it will make User Data text files in root of "C:/" drive for it's iRemember feature. X) If Still problems persists Contact Me:- Anubhav Gupta anubhav200@gmail.com
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