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Nano 3.2.3 ========== This archive includes binaries for Windows 32 bit, Linux 64 bit and Android ARM. Now with rights management for executed programs in the VM, inspired by the Android app manifest settings. To let foo.no access TCP/IP sockets put: network=on in file foo.nr. Otherwise it can't open the TCP/IP socket. It's possible to run a program in "sandbox mode". This is safer than before. Also file access is limited to the nanovm/home directory. This is more secure. I updated the Nanoc N compiler: mul (x, 77); get (ret); func mul (int x, int y) int ret; ret = x * y; return (ret); funcend This now works because the mul function call puts the constant "77" now in a variable before function call. So constants can now be used in a function call. This was missed before. The tic tac toe game is updated and can now be played by two players over LAN.
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