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------------------------------------------------------------------------ RELEASE NOTES for multilibpkg 1.2.120824 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. WHAT'S CHANGED This maintenance release : + includes addition of "gcc-go" into the list of packages that form the "64-bit part of the multilib". This package has been added in Slackware 14.0, and by extension into the multilib maintained by Eric Hameleers. + includes a full revision of the update mechanism, which now, handles as an update, any package of the "64-bit part of the multilib" which is not installed. This allows users to not have to re-install all of the "64-bit part of the mulitlib" each time a package is added into it. + include new revisions of /etc/multilibpkg/multilib-mirrors and /etc/multilibpkg/slackware64-mirrors which includes mirrors for Slackware 14.0 + fixes a problem into /etc/multilibpkg/multilibpkg.conf which prevents multilibpkg to handles packages gcc for the Slackware 14.0. 2. UPGRADING AND CONFIGURATION'S FILES Users who upgrade from any previous version must pay attention to the new configuration files below : /etc/multilibpkg/multilibpkg.conf.new /etc/multilibpkg/mutlilib-mirrors.new /etc/multilibpkg/slackware64-mirrors.new
Source: README.TXT, updated 2012-08-24