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Readme for MSP430-Ada package. Issue : April 10 2013 Author : Brian Drummond License : GPL v2 or later with "GMGPL" exception. See MSP430-mini-rts/gcc-4.7-rts/adainclude/system.ads for details. Contents of MSP430-Ada package: doc : Documentation. Currently contains a report on the project so far with detailed build instructions to reproduce it. Text file describing hwo to write and build an embedded application using MSP430-Ada. samples : Sample code. Currently "hello.adb" (a null program used to test the compiler build process) Blinky folder Several versions of the inevitable "Blinky" flashing LED demo. blinky_naked.adb : written without the CPU support package. blinky.adb : modified to demonstrate use of CPU support. blinky_intrinsics : modified to demonstrate compiler intrinsic functions for delay. blinky_timer : modified to demonstrate timer interrupts (+ package timer_a) to generate delays blinky_xtal : As blinky_timer but with 32768Hz crystal (+ package timer_x) for RTC accuracy and LPM3 (< 1 ua sleep current) Requires external 32768Hz crystal fitted to PCB. Watch folder Watch is a LED digital watch, 1970's style, on a 33mm diameter PCB. A basic digital watch which fits in a 1kbyte program memory. Schematic and PCB layout are included in GEDA "gschem" and "PCB" format. MSP430-mini-rts : Bare bones RTS derived from the AVR-Ada project. readme.txt : this file. cpu_support/cpus : Ada packages representing every MSP430 CPU variant represented in the upstream C headers (from Texas Instruments). "WITH" the appropriate package and you can use all the facilities and peripherals of that CPU portably (among MSP430 variants). cpu_support/packages : Ada packages representing every base CPU type and every variant of every peripheral device found in the upstream C headers. Do not use these directly. Instead, "WITH" the appropriate CPU package and it will select the correct packages from these. cpu_support/gen_cpus : Utility to build "cpus" and "packages". This uses GCLP the Generic Command Line Parser from Launchpad.Net. https://launchpad.net/gclp/1.0/1.0.0 gcc4.7.7_patches : Patches to build MSP430_Ada over gcc4.7.2 and its other prerequisites. Change History : Issue : April 10 2013 Author : Brian Drummond Reason : Correct installation of interrupt handlers. Add LED digital watch example. Add patch folder. Issue : February 22 2013 Author : Brian Drummond Reason : Fix incorrect CPU support packages. Issue : February 11 2013 Author : Brian Drummond Reason : GCC builtins, support for interrupts, timer and interrupt examples. Issue : January 14 2013 Author : Brian Drummond Initial Release
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