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Release 2.3: The Pre-Release before possible full integration into INET: - More work on getting better INET compatibility, now we are very close to integrate MiXiM into INET framework. (Many thanks to Rudolf Hornig) - Added type definition for the radioStateAttenuation collection, changed some return value definition to const ref. Using the MapUtils::incNextPosition method for calculating nextPosition. (Instead of adding ONE to calculating the nextPosition, we use the MapUtils::post operation now). - The default value for the constraint area is now derived from the playgroundSize parameter. - Some compiler fixes for gcc >= 4.7. - nic.phy.sensitivity <= -999999 dBm disables the sensitivity check - Renames to avoid nam clashes with INET: Radio>MiximRadio, BatteryAccess>MiximBatteryAccess , ChannelAccess>ConnectionManagerAccess - Some MacLayer adjustments to use common MiXiM layer concepts - Some Bugfixes
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