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MESON PLAYER - The music player with no GUI. Version: 0.6 (beta) http://mesonplayer.sf.net (c) Alkatraz Studio, 2012 ***DESCRIPTION*** Meson Player is a very convenient audio player if you don't need any flashy GUI to control a playback or manage playlists. You just run it and then forget about it. The player is running in a background. Switching tracks, volume control, loading and saving playlists, all of this can be done via global hotkeys. Therefore, you can control the player while working in any application. ***FEATURES*** - no GUI (except a tray popup menu, but you can hide the tray icon as well) - controlled via global hotkeys - supports a lot of stream/tracker formats - additional formats support can be added by plugins - supports Internet radio stations - supports CUE sheets - can control system audio volume - a big variety of options allows to change the app's behavior and appearance - Last.FM scrobbling ***QUICK START*** 1. Install Meson Player; 2. Right-click on any folder or playlist with music; 3. Choose "Open in Meson Player" from a context menu; 4. Use NumPad to control a playback; 5. Click Help > Manual in tray context menu for more info. ***SUPPORTED PLATFORMS*** Meson Player was tested successfully on following clean systems: - Windows 7, Windows 8 - OSX 10.9, OSX 10.10 - Linux with KDE 4.9 Older and other systems may not be fully supported or supported at all. ***CHANGELOG*** v0.6 added: application manual (can be accessed via manual/index.html or via tray context menu Help > Manual) added: support for various ZX Spectrum AY/YM modules, Amiga/Atari/PC tracker modules, SID modules and some other chiptune/tracker formats added: OptimFROG support (Windows i686 only) added: options "playback-mode", "load-only" (see "Setup parameters" in the manual) added: --cmd-get-* command line commands (see "Control commands" in the manual) changed: "Shuffle" tray menu option is replaced with "Mode" submenu which lets you choose playback mode changed: tray icon now represents application state (playing, paused, stopped) changed: the app doesn't need Growl anymore to show baloon tooltips on OSX changed: "auto-resume" option is now false by default changed: system playlists 8 and 88 are replaced with 81, 82, 83, 84, 85 (see "System playlists" in the manual) changed: the sound volume level is now tied to a grid based on volume step changed: option "app-commands" was renamed to "system-playlists" changed: non-boolean options with wrong values are now ignored fixed: when "auto-resume" option is set to true, music will autoplay after system restart even if the player was paused fixed: can't open a current file location if the player is stopped fixed: can't parse *.cue file if it doesn't end with newline character fixed: app may crash if a file read/write error occurs fixed: the tray hint sometimes breaks fullscreen apps when a cursor is hovered above tray icon fixed: multiple issues with Internet-radio playback fixed: "minFolderLength" option affects "frequency" option removed: Windows XP, Windows Vista, OSX 10.8 support removed: support for multimedia keys for OSX removed: options "index", "volume", "shuffle", "keys-mm", "keys-num" removed: settings.ini.template (see "Setup parameters" in the manual) v0.5 added: Last.fm scrobbling added: SOCKS5 and HTTP proxy support (settings option name: proxy) added: playlists can now be opened via file context menu just as folders added: new commands: --cmd-pause, --cmd-toggle-pause added: new option "OFF" for mods-* parameters (to completely disable a certain set of hotkeys) changed: the app now uses system proxy settings by default (use settings option "proxy" to configure a proxy) changed: a balloon tooltip is now not displayed after the app starts unless the track is played changed: when the app starts and the current track is not playing, this track will be closed changed: hotkeys initialization errors no longer cause the app to fail to start fixed: M3U playlists in local 8-bit encoding are not properly parsed fixed: new playlist is not saved as a current playlist right after opening fixed: track title in tooltips is lost after changing a volume when the player is stopped fixed: autoload-playlists option ignored, playlists are always loaded when opening a folder fixed: tracker-emulation & tray-icon command line options are broken removed: Icecast radio streams support note for devs: building the app is now only possible with C++11 compliant compiler v0.4 added: use "NumPad 1" and "NumPad 3" to control the system volume (there's also a corresponding parameter mvol-step) added: app commands (see "App commands" section in README) added: new option tray-icon (to hide a tray icon) added: you now can customize key modifiers (see "Customizing keyboard modifiers" section in README) added: new popup menu item "Close the File" to stop and close a current file (only visible if close-on-stop=false) added: russian localization added: x64 version for Windows removed: shift-mm-keys and shift-num-keys removed: [*] from all tips (random playback indicator) removed: auto-numlock option for Linux changed: the file is now closed if you stop a playback (also, there's a new option: close-on-stop) fixed: the app crashes when an initialization fails fixed: tooltip text is truncated on Windows fixed: "&" symbols are truncated from a tooltip text on Windows note: the app has moved to Qt5 note for devs: building the app with MinGW32 is not possible now, use MinGW64 to build Meson Player on Windows v0.3 added: press "NumPad 0" to pause/resume current track added: installer for OSX change: if a current track is not the first one in its folder, then "NumPad 7" will select the first playable file in a current folder changed: shift-num-keys is disabled on Windows changed: windows installer won't create applications icons changed: "playlists" folder is created when context menu item "Playlists" clicked fixed: unable to open a whole local disk on Windows fixed: invalid urls cause track skipping fixed: shift-mm-keys param doesn't affect multimedia keys v0.2 - added: support of CUE sheets - added: sound samples are now 32-bit float by default (parameter: sample-type) - added: if folder name is shorter than X symbols, then prepend subfolder name to it (parameter: min-folder-length) - added: in command line parameters, "true" and "false" are now translated into "1" and "0" respectively - added: new parameters: index, shuffle, volume - added: new commands: --cmd-stop, --cmd-play, --cmd-toggle-play, --cmd-next, --cmd-prev, --cmd-next-dir, --cmd-prev-dir, --cmd-quit, --cmd-vol-up, --cmd-vol-down - changed: new shuffling algorithm - changed: playback will not be resumed, if a user exits the app manually - removed: command --quit - fixed: cannot change a volume if music isn't playing - fixed: random track order is always the same - fixed: "--quit" parameter is not working - fixed: folder name is truncated by last dot - fixed: on Linux, the output device frequency is not changing when specifying "frequency" parameter - fixed: natural sorting algorithm is not working properly when filenames start from digit - fixed: wrong command line parameters are interpreted as input filenames - fixed: sometimes, after the app starts, playback is resumed not from a last played file - fixed: sometimes, after the app starts, playback resumes when it shouldn't - fixed: the entry in "Programs and Features" on Windows has no application icon v0.1 - initial release
Source: README.TXT, updated 2014-11-16