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======== Examples ======== Files are available from MAVEN_Examples.zip. See the User's Guide for their use. ================= IF YOU OWN MATLAB (on any operating system) ================= You do not need the MCR. 1) Download the source code folder and unzip it. 2) Within MATLAB, navigate to the source code directory (where you unzipped the files to). 3) If you have not, setup mex (see "doc mex" for instructions) 4) Compile the C code with "mex ANMHess.c" and (for v.1.2 and greater) "mex adjacency.c" If using Linux, download "ENM_GUI_linux.fig" and replace "ENM_GUI.fig" with it (different typesetting sizes) 5) At the MATLAB command prompt, type "ENM_GUI" or "MAVEN" - MAVEN will start. ==================== Installation / Setup (required if you do not own MATLAB) ==================== The Mathworks makes the MCR freely available. If the MCR for your system is not included here, then you should find it at this site: http://www.mathworks.com/products/compiler/mcr/index.html Windows 1) Download the latest release package - e.g. "MAVEN_1.21_Win64.exe" 3) Double-click the package and follow the MCRInstaller prompts 4) Double-click MAVEN.exe Linux 1) Download the latest release archive - e.g. "MCRInstaller_linux64_v715.bin" 2) Also download "MAVEN_1.1.0_linux64_MCRv715.zip" 3) Execute the binary MCRInstaller and follow the prompts 4) Run the shell script as directed in the README MAC 1) Version 1.1 coming soon! Check out Version 1.0 for now. 2) Download the zip file, extract, and consult the README ========== Known Bugs ========== All Platforms 1) In Further Analysis, if you plot the anisotropic parameters (ADPs), all subsequent plots are 2-color. Exit the module and re-open it to restore regular coloring. Linux 1) From Prepare Files, saving points from the Atom Selector fails 2) The MATLAB compiler failed to compile some C-MEX code, preventing some ENMs from working. We are working to fix this problem. MAC Updated Version coming soon! ========= Bug Fixes ========= Please use the most up-to-date version to avoid the following: 1) For versions prior to 1.2, Overlap Matrix display included the 6 zero-frequency modes. 2) For versions prior to 1.21, PCA comparison may fail.
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