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feram 2014-07-04 8 weekly downloads
xtalgrowth 2014-06-02 3 weekly downloads
compasses 2014-04-28 1 weekly downloads
loto 2014-03-08 1 weekly downloads
feram-tutorial 2014-02-22 1 weekly downloads
README 2013-06-26 511 Bytes
Here, you can download 4 applications. feram is a fast molecular dynamics (MD) simulator for bulk and thin-film ferroelectrics. xtalgrowth is an X application which simulate crystal growth of 2-dimensional hard spheres. compasses searches maximum, minimum and saddle-point states of finite size dipole arrays (i.e. sets of compasses). loto analyzes dipole-dipole interactions in the systems with periodic boundary conditions. 3-dimensional bulks, 2-dimensional films and 1-dimensional wires can be treated.
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