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Under Microsoft Windows an automatic installer is available. It can be chosen, which parts of the application shall be installed on the system. It has to be noted, that only the "Create Uninstaller" option actually creates an entry to the Windows registry. All other parts are simly copied to the hard disk and thus, do not need administrator rights.

The help file is provided as CHM file. It has to be manually opened via Windows explorer.


Beware! The Linux executable is untested. It was created, using a virtual machine with a trial version of both, the Domino server as well as a Notes client. The package contains an executable as well as the corresponding libraries needed to run it.

The following prerequisites have to be met in order to run LNMail under Linux:

  • A running Lotus Notes client
  • A 32 bit operating system
  • Gnome libraries
Source: README.md, updated 2013-01-05