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Legacy OS Linux is an Operating System for old Pentium 3 and 4 PC's

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Today sees the release of Legacy OS 2.1 LTS (Long Term Release) the final Series 2 release ever! While there won't be any new releases for the 2 Series you can still expect new applications will be added to the repository over time. In this release you'll find some new applications and a few that have been update like the Opera Web Browser. Those who are currently using Legacy OS 2 will notice an improvement in Usability / Look and Feel. A number of configuring applications that once looked more like scripts now look like normal applications. With over 200 menu choices for users to choose from Legacy OS 2.1 LTS brings together a collection of extremely useful applications that could make a Pentium III PC far more useful then a user could imagine. Install once and use for years to come.
Also check out our other releases like Legacy OS 2.1 Gamer and Legacy OS 4 Mini.
Install and Live CD : Visit our Website for more details.

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  • Full featured Modern Operating System for Pentium III PC's.


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  • chipfizz
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    I've been using LegacyOS off and on up until a few years ago (LegacyOS 1, then Legacy OS 2) until I started using it full time to keep from throwing out my Windows 98 box (450Mhz, 512M ram, 4Gig HD, 32Gig Usb flash drive, DVD-Rom/CD-RW.). The family member who gave it to me said they spent 2,000 dollars for it at the time, with only the best they could get for then (pre-2000). I have long since lost my Win98 CD, and 'XP' would probably give me a lot of 'hickups' along the way for this machine, so I did a little research on linux and tried a couple dozen live CDs, and Puppy Linux ran the smoothest (in ram). LegacyOS looked nice and had everything I needed plus it had the real 'deal-breaker' for me that I had with all the other Linux Distros; -Games! (-Usually not enough games (or none.)); I think if you are going to have all that useful stuff (-productive stuff), then by-god, you can make room for some games. How can you expect us Windows users to migrate to Linux without a good bit of recreation. -You can't expect the rest of the family to warm up to a 'Productive and virus-free' desktop that they are forever crowing about without something in it for the family... I've been using LegacyOS 1 (I prefer the lighter looking classic windows-like desktop of OS1 to the darker modern looking LegacyOS2, or 2.1) for a couple of years now, and honestly, I haven't found anything that even comes close; certainly not the bloated Ubuntu, which has gotten so SLOW and resource hungry that it has become a pitiful windows 'wanna-be' on older machines instead of the 'contender' that it promised to be. To be blunt, Ubuntu is so SORRY looking on older machines that it has set back Linux 15 years! A black hole that it will never get out of! If it won't run right on older machines, then what's the point! -Not everyone can pony up 400 dollars at Walmart for an E-machine. Simply put, then, the game is over. Its so BAD on slower machines that It makes Windows look better than it is! So much for PROGRESS... it's a step back as far as I'm concerned. Well this computer and a few others I have wont be going to the landfill for a long time thanks to LegacyOS. As for my Ubuntu disks..., well that's another story. -Thank you for LegacyOS! it's sort of, a better 'windows' than windows... -Chip in Ohio.

    Posted 04/17/2014
  • maxshawn
    1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    Great software, thanks legacyoslinux

    Posted 09/12/2012
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