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Holyspirit is a 2D isometric hack'n'slash game (action-rpg). You play a Holyspirit, which is an old corrupted soul who's been enlisted in God's army. You must redeem the country from the evil who's been unleashed against the living ones.

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  • 4 playables characters ! (2 for this time) / 4 classes jouables ! (2 pour le moment)
  • Minimum 1 hour per character / Minimum 1 heure de jeu par classe !
  • 61 Items / 61 objets !
  • More than 20 monsters / Plus d'une vingtaine de monstres !
  • Craft your items and your golem pet / Fabriquez vos objets et votre compagnon golem !


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  • johnb31
    1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    I am going to flag this project and review it, or more exactly, what I have managed to get so far. I have zero idea where all this "positive" reviews come from. 1. The license is GPL2. Everybody knows, no one uses GPL2, except for historical reasons - only "GPL", and currently its v3. But thats completely minor, yet was already an indication for me. 2. The package in Files is packed as "RAR". RAR is proprietary format and under no circumstances used by anyone, except windows users. This is sign number 2. 3. There is no separate packages, just one RAR blob. 4. There are no source files. Just try to explore CVS/SVN section here. 5. What you get by downloading the "Files" package is a ..... game? No. You get "Game Loader". Thats right, a crudely written Windows+Linux mix of binary files that --- load the actual game form unknown location. And its binary. And no license indication so ever. 6. The loaded game weights over 300 MiB and does not have any License pointers or source code - nothing. Just pile of binary files mixed with WAV,PNG,OGG resources. 7. I was unable to run Linux build. There are no instructions how to do that or at least what dependencies are required. 8. The provided binaries are i386! And dynamically linked. With no info of what to soever. Furthest step I managed to achieve is to get Error "libsfml-audio2.so not found". My Debian system only offers libsfml1.6. This is clearly a "student project", software that is never meant to leave alpha state ever, and if it does - the probability for it to be GPL is virtually zero. I already encountered such project type once - its broken by design and developer give a brick about it or any users trying it. I mean, even WarZ looks more promising than this. >: ( Update: Btw, it says it has many languages. The only language you will encounter is French...! Update 2: I managed to start this via WINE. From the quality of it - it is prealpha debug version of some RTS game engine, of student programmer quality.

    Posted 03/03/2013
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English, French, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

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