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Notes: ====== These are the release notes for LCDproc 0.5.7, the next stable version of LCDproc. This release features several new HD44780 connection types for use with LCDs designed for the Raspberry Pi. See below for a brief list or the file ChangeLog for a more comprehensive one. Fingerprint: ============ SHA1 (lcdproc-0.5.7.tar.gz) = eacc65c5f16237beb18b3cdb4835ba0a57f5f811 Known bugs: =========== - If vBars are used together with ICON_BLOCK_FILLED on the same screen and that icon is implemented as a custom char, it sometimes is replaced with a non full block from the vBar. Affected drivers: IOWarrior, CwLinux - On Solaris the mtc_s16209x driver fails to compile. Configure LCDproc to exclude this driver. - The lcdproc client currently ignores errors from the machine dependent functions. This may result in strange behaviour of the screens or core dumps. Changes: ======== Key: - Something removed + Something added * Something changed / fixed New drivers ----------- + rawserial: dump framebuffer to serial port + glcd-x11: Draw to a X window + glcd-picolcdgfx: Mini-box.com picoLCD 256x64 + hd44780-raspberrypi: LCDs connected to GPIO + hd44780-spi: Linux SPI devices + hd44780-piplate: Devices from Adafruit Industries + hd44780-pifacecad: PiFace Control And Display Updated drivers --------------- * picolcd: Improvements to IR processing * sed1520: Add an option for inverted segment mapping * glcd driver: Add direct support for framebuffer with paged memory layout * hd44780: * hd44780-serial: Fix data escape handling + hd44780-i2c: Add support for FreeBSD's iic framework Build system ------------ * Rename configure.in to configure.ac * Fix build if compiled with --enable-permissive-menu-goto (#3599609) lcdproc client -------------- * Add option to turn off title on OldTime screen Other changes ------------- * Fix using the left key to change the ring and checkbox menu items
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