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Cloudduino ========== Cloudduino: Remotely Monitor and Control your Arduino from anywhere in the world 1. Pre-requisites Operating System: Windows XP, Vista or 7 WebBrowser: Chrome,Safari, Firefox Arduino : Connected to PC with Serial Port PC : Conected to the Internet at all times 2. Download and Installation please go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/labscript/?source=directory and download Cloudduino Internet Gateway after your download is complete, double-click on the file and follow the instruction to install. Make sure you install the application in C:\Program Files\Cloudduino 3. Sign Up, Activate and Login In order to be able to access your Arduino from anywhere in the world you need to sign-up for an account because you need a username and a password everytime you want to remotely access your Arduino. you need to sign-up at https://cloudduino.appspot.com/init/ 4. Launch your Cloudduino Internet Gateway you have already installed as per step 2. now launch Clouddiuno Internet Gateway. you will be asked for username and password , use the ones from step 3. 5. Connect Arduino to the internet a. Click 'List Ports': wait for 'Scaning Done' then look at the com ports that you have. you should know which port is your Arduino Connected to. b. Click 'Network' and enter the port where your Arduino is connected c. Click 'Connect'. You should see data being sent from the Arduino 6. Remotely Control and Monitor your Arduino from anywhere in the world As long as your Arduino is connected to your PC and your PC is connected to the internet, you can use your username and password to get access to your arduino from a Web Browser: Chrome, Safari or Firefox. IE is not supported and will never be Go to https://cloudduino.appspot.com/init/ Login to your account after you login, Click on use Template at this point you will see a Template that show a number of widgets Click on 'Go Live!' at this point, you should have total control over your Arduino. Enjoy! 7. For any issues, inquiries or to report a bug: please email me at 3pppinc@gmai.com
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