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Concepts 2014-12-03 11 weekly downloads
FLHook Plugin 2.0.0 2012-10-03 44 weekly downloads
FLHook Classic 1.6.7 2011-10-20 22 weekly downloads
ServerG.zip 2011-10-17 902.6 kB 22 weekly downloads
BSGFix2.31.zip.flmod 2011-10-16 105.3 kB 11 weekly downloads
patch.zip 2011-10-16 105.0 kB 11 weekly downloads
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ReadMe.txt 2011-09-19 4.2 kB 22 weekly downloads
Projects By ||KOS||Acid Release Notes 03/09/2011 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates Overview What's New? Programs Feedback ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates killcounter_2.0.0_Plugin.zip fixed the plugin not recording pvp kills bsdocking_2.0.0_Plugin.zip fixed the server crashes also dock restrictions Overview FLHook Classic 1.6.7 does not requires the plugins and extends by adding functions directly into the source code. FLHook Plugin 2.0.0 is a core with minimum functionality which extends by the plugin system. This version does not contains all FLHook Classic 1.6.7 functions, so they are rewritten as plugins. Detailed Credits are inside readme.txt of appropriate FLHook distribution. Concepts folder for is for all the untested programs What's New? I went through all the programs and cleaned them all up so hopefully most of the annoying bugs are out of the programs I also cleaned up most of the client stuff as well so you might have to update the clients as well I didn’t change much so the old clients should work fine as well Fixed HkGetAffiliation to return the faction name instead of short name Added /list command Added /rinfo Implemented a restart server function into hook so no need for external restarts just edit general.ini and add the times you want the server to restart the players can view it using /rinfo it give a 1 minute warning then 20 10 5sec countdown added weapons platforms to basedestroyed in eventmode added a built in hash generator for easy access to names you must have flhash.dll in the EXE folder for it to hash to rehash you just delete FLHash.ini in the EXE folder to call the function in hook use HashName(uint HashID) it will return the name HeIIoween fixed a bug with /list it now returns unknown if the faction is not selected yet added a remote ini editer into the Concepts folder Programs FLUpdater This is the standalone version of the updater that included in hook its pretty simple to use e.g. msgu update 2300 ..\data\hello.ini 99999 The format is ip this can also be a dns, port ,path to file,crc I included a crc program you just run it drop the file on it and obtain the crc If you add the correct crc the file won’t go into update mode if the crc match on the clients but you might want a file to constantly update Basically there a few ways to automate the process the way you do it its up to you But you can use the eventmode in hook with say perl scripting and msg the clients the info or build a app to socket into hook or use hook its self and build a section in to do it if you download hook just look up HkPlayerUpdate that contains all the info how to automate the process Know bugs Seems pretty stable I did have one I supplied the dlls with it seems you cant win lol they were crashing the server so I had to remove them from the install FLHook I’ve include ini file with it as examples treat them that way you have to rewrite them all because the are just examples from my server so they wont work on yours But it will show you how to set them up there too much to add so that’s why I included them Commands added for clients /coords /ftl /sftl /j /jump /ping /p /loc /loc$ /store /unstore /sinfo /bank /wbank /bequip /bwep /bammo / bountyhunt / bountyhuntid /kills /kills$ /restart /list /rinfo The rest of the commands are standard that came with flack88 1.67 FLHook_Restart Just the same as the one in the hook zip a example how to setup the restart command Remoteconsole Like what it say it’s a remote console for connecting to your server and you use it the same as you would using hooks console just edit the bat file and the format is HookConsole 2000 pass123 Ip ascii port password Know bugs Some times it gets a memory over flows but ill fix that soon also add the source Feedback We are interested in your feedback on the tools. Please mail suggestions or bug reports to mode_x3@hotmail.com
Source: ReadMe.txt, updated 2011-09-19