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J S B M L 0.8 JSBML is a free, open-source programming library to help you read, write, manipulate, translate, and validate SBML files and data streams. It is not an application itself (though it does come with example programs), but rather a library you can embed in your own applications. This is the top-level directory of the JSBML 0.8 final release. Here you will find the following: jsbml-0.8.jar -- jar file containing the classes of JSBML-0.8 jsbml-0.8-with-dependencies.jar -- jar file containing the classes of JSBML-0.8 including any needed dependencies libraries classes. jsbml-0.8-full.zip -- full distribution of JSBML-0.8 containing the two jars file described above plus the sources and documentation along with the build script to be able to compile the library. jsbml-0.8-full.tar.gz -- same content as jsbml-0.8-full.zip For more information about JSBML, please visit the JSBML website at http://sbml.org/Software/JSBML Thank you for your interest in JSBML! The JSBML Team. .-://///:` .:/+++++/-` .--. `---` `-- -/++//:---:.`://+syyyssoo+` ohhy` /hhh. -hy` `/++/-` ::/ohhyyssssoss- ohhh+ .yhhh. .hy` :++/. `:::sysoo+++++oss. ohoyh- `ohoyh. .hy` ++//` `--:/oo+///://+os: oh//hs` :hs.yh. .hy` /+//. `..--:////:--:/oos. oh/`sh/ `yh-`yh. .hy` `////:-.......---::://///++oo- oh/ -hy. +h+ `yh. .hy` .:///:::::--::::://///++oo: oh/ +hs -hy` `yh. .hy` `::-``..--::::::://osyyysoooo. oh/ `yh: `sh: `yh. .hy` :o+/` .:////oyhyyyyyyssss` oh/ :hy` /ho` `yh. .hy` /oo/ .///oyysoo+++oosyy- oh/ oho .hh. `yh. .hy` .sso: `+++oso+//////syyy` oh/ .hh-oh/ `yh. .hy` :sss+-` ./oooooo//:::+syyy. oh/ /hhhs` `yh. -hy` `/syssooossssssssssssyyyy/` oh/ shh- `yh. -hhooooooooooo `-/+oso+/-.-:/osyyso/-` -:. .:- `--` `:::::::::::::
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