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README: JOPUX through Sourceforge (2013-05-07) ============================================== JOPUX is a Linux distribution and family of appliances. JOPUX Core is based on openSUSE with GNOME on 64-bit architecture. JOPUX Basic Workstation CE - addon Office and desktop facilities. JOPUX Basic Workstation PlusDB CE - addon MySQL on the Workstation. JOPUX Basic Server CE - addon server facilities, such as print and file facilities. JOPUX Basic Server PlusDB CE - addon MySQL on the server. JOPUX Basic Workbench CE - addon developer and server facilities on the workstation JOPUX Basic Workbench PlusDB CE - addon MySQL on the workbench. JOPUX Office Server CE - addon networking, dhcp/dns, gateway, mail, ldap, file and print facilities on the server JOPUX Office Server Plus CE - addon LAMP (Apache http server, MySQL, and PHP/Python/Perl) facilities on the OFfice Server. The appliances are available through Sourceforge by downloadable zip files. Only the JOPUX Community Edition appliances in ovf format are available through Sourceforge. (Note! The JOPUX Foundation Edition appliances are only available through SuseStudio.) More information about JOPUX and the appliances is available on: http://www.jopux.com/ How to use a downloaded zip file? --------------------------------- Each appliance is archived within separate zip files. Each zip file includes three files: a ovf file, a mf file, and a vmdk file. You first have to have a virtual machine manager installed. You may already have your favourite manager installed on your PC? If not, we recommend you to use Oracle VirtualBox. You can download and install Oracle VirtualBox from: https://www.virtualbox.org/ Before continue, please read the end-user manual for VirtualBox: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/End-user_documentation Next step is to unzip the downloaded zip file into a proper place on your PC. After this, simply import the ovf file for the appliance into VirtualBox. Then start the appliance! At first boot you need to login, and set your keyboard and time zone. Use jopux as username, and skip/leave the password. Good Luck!
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