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User's guide ---------------- 1. Download and install nmon. - for linux platform, you can download form: http://nmon.sourceforge.net. - For AIX platform, you can download form : http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/wikis/display/WikiPtype/nmon , AIX 5.3 TL09+ and AIX 6.1 TL02 include nmon function within topas and its installed by default. 2. Make a pipe for nmon. #mkfifo /tmp/nmonnamedpipe 3. Run analyser's agent in target host: # java -cp nmonanal_0.1.2.jar li.xiang.nmonanalyser.agent.Agent 4. Run nmon, begin performance capture. #nmon -s 20 -c 360 -F /tmp/nmonnamedpipe 20 second per snapshot, capture 360 snapshots, totally 2 hrs. you can put the command in crontab for long time data capture. 5. Run java nmon analyser gui. # java -jar nmonanal_0.1.2.jar 5.1 Get the real-time performance data from agent Main menu --> " Data Loader " --> "from agent". Input the target's ip address and port number(default is 8187). 5.2 Get the performance data form nmon data collection file. Developer's guide. ------------------- The interface NmonDataLoader load nmon data for analyzing, Interface NmonDataListener is observer of NmonDataLoader. It can rgister in NmonDataLoader, NmonDataLoader callback NmonDataListener, when NmonDataLoader read a nmon output line. NmonDataListener parser the nmon data and return the performance charts by getCharts(). There 2 NmonDataLoader implement : NmonFileLoader and NmonAgentLoader , NmonFileLoader load nmon data from nmon collection file. NmonAgentLoader load nmon data from agent. There 3 NmonListener implement: CPUTagCharts, MEMTagCharts, PaginTagCharts, DiskTagCharts and NetworkCharts. The sample load data from nmon file, and get the CPU cacategory performance charts : NmonDataLoader loader = new NmonFileLoader("/tmp/nmonsampleoutput.nmon"); CPUTagCharts cpuCharts = new CPUTagCharts(); loader.addDataObserver(cpuCharts); Thread loadThread = new Thread(loader); loadThread.start(); JFreeChart[] charts = cpuCharts.getCharts();
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