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Release information: version 1.0.0 : 6 August 2012 Initial Installation of existing jgeom code into SourceForge project. This distribution contains the java source code for the jgeom library and the compiled jgeom-core.jar file (subfolder dist/lib), and the generated Javadoc html documents in subfolder javadoc. The compiled jar library and javadoc were generated by the ant java build system using configuration file build.xml In order to reproduce the compilation you will need to obtain the vtk.jar library for the Visualisation Toolkit -- see http://www.vtk.org to download this open-source code. The build.xml file is configured to load the jar file vtk.jar library from the ,.lib subfolder; or you can place the vtk.jar elsewhere in the CLASSPATH for the java compiler for compilation. VTK is licensed under BSD License: see http://www.vtk.org/VTK/project/license.html The vtk.jar library is not needed to use the jgeom library unless the calling java application creates an instance of the net.jgeom.nurbs.evaluators.TrimSurfaceEvaluatorDelaunay class
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