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Release Notes: Version 3.2 includes important bug fixes and various enhancements including HTML5 support. Change Log: - Bug Fixes: - [2826979] IllegalCharsetNameException thrown when illegal encoding specified in the document. - [2837434] Potential multithreading bug in Source.getNewLine() - [3036182] NullPointerException when run with stringent java.policy - TextExtractor did not include any attribute values. - All unterminated character references were decoded regardless of the configuration settings (bug introduced in 3.1). - Renderer class - <div> under <li> resulted in new line. - SourceFormatter did not handle TEXTAREA elements correctly. - No exceptions thrown if invalid charset is specified by server or in source document. - Byte order mark character was included in the source document. - HTML5 elements added to HTMLElementName and HTMLElements classes. - Detects HTML5 character encoding declaration. - Uses Windows-1252 as the default 8-bit encoding when available instead of the subset encoding ISO-8859-1. - Added Renderer.setIncludeAlternateText(boolean) method. - Added Renderer.renderAlternateText(StartTag) method. - Added Renderer.setIncludeFirstElementTopMargin(boolean) method. - Added Renderer.setDefaultTopMargin(String,int) static method. - Added Renderer.setDefaultBottomMargin(String,int) static method. - Added Renderer.setDefaultIndent(String,boolean) static method. - Renderer now evaluates inline styles for top, bottom and left margins. - Added Attribute.getStartTag() method. - Added Segment.getURIAttributes() method. - Added Segment.getStyleURISegments() method. - Added deregister() methods to the extended tag type classes. - Added MicrosoftConditionalCommentTagTypes class. - Added StartTagType.SERVER_COMMON_COMMENT tag type. - SourceFormatter now inlines DOCTYPE tags. - Added Segment.getMaxDepthIndicator() method. - Added static Config.IsHTMLEmptyElementTagRecognised parameter. - Deprecated MicrosoftTagTypes class. - Upgraded to the following logger APIs: slf4j-api-1.6.1, log4j-1.2.16
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