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JAXB Plugin ====== JAXBBuilder is an eclipse plugin for generating Java classes directly from XML schema, XML or JSON instance files. The plugin detects schema or instance document changes and re-generates Java code via Castor API or XJC . It includes a JAXB project wizard, JAXB builder and property pages for JAXB configuration. XML to schema conversion property pages JSON to schema conversion (via xml) Create a JAXB project from the Java project group. Under project properties-JAXB select your code generator either Castor of Native JAXB2.0 via XJC* Note* If using JAXB2.0 XJC you must sepcify the full path to the XJC binary; this can be set under window-preferences-JAXB Preferences From the resources perspective The project wizard creates the following directories: schema : place your .xsd files here. jaxb : the plugin will generate java source into this directory bin : the plugin will place compiled source into this directory spice : create source files that you would like to 'spice' up the generated jaxb files (google JAXB Spice) binding : JAXB2.0 binding files; add any binding xml files here to be included in JAXB2.0 code generation instance: place your .xml or .json instance files here to have schema generated for them castor xjc and xsd generation properties can be configured from the properties of the JAXB project. More information is available at http://www.viewstreet.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_newsfeeds&view=category&id=39&Itemid=80 See some of the demos on youtube JAXB Builder http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jqf0ME6Y1Q JAXB Spice http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rb3tUoxQBa0 Installation: Simply unzip the contents of this zip directly into the plugins/ directory of your eclipse installation and restart eclipse. The JAXB Wizard can be found under 'New Project/Java' options Note: If the wizard is not available or code generation fails with missing class files; eclipse may need to clean its plugin cache. run eclipse with the -clean option.
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