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=============================================================================== IT++ version 4.3.1 Released: 2013-07-06 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IT++ 4.3.1 is a bug fixing release. A list of modifications is presented below: Modifications: -------------- * add support for detecting itpp-external as non-root * add configuration script generation for UNIX-like systems * update link to git repository to be the first in the list of repositories as git becomes the main SCM system Below is the list of features and modifications of IT++ 4.3.0 release: New features: ------------- * The compilation system is replaced with cmake. Thus compilation and installation on supported OSs (Linux, Windows, MacOS) is handled in an unified way. * IT++ library can be compiled as shared library on Windows. This removes an important limitation of previous releases. * Added unit testing support based on Google C++ Testing Framework * Added multilateration class for indoor localization * Added numerical integration with function objects as integrands * Added thread-safe Fourier and cosine transforms * Added thread-safe generation of random numbers * Added faster LLR demodulator * Added non-narrow-sense Reed-Solomon and Erasure Decoding * Added lte_turbo_interleaver_sequence * Added pyitpp module providing itload() function for Python, similar to MATLAB itload.m * Added punctured turbo codec (PTC) class Modifications: -------------- * fixed errors in Read Solomon and BCH decoders * fixed FastICA accesses unallocated memory/ bails out if whitenig * fixed help for OFDM class * extras/astylerc is now compatible with astyle 2.02.1 * fixed systematic Reed-Solomon decoding * fixed convolutional Decoder for certain generators * added operator +- between scalar and complex * fixed bug in FastICA with APPROACH_DEFL * added new linspace function
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