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92f2499755e13260c06f51424cfce173 ipplan-4.92b.tar.gz 4a08a9d39fd1d0cd2f9e71f605e5605c ipplan-4.92b.zip This release fixes install issues with MySQL 5.5 ---------------------------------------------- ipplan v4.92b Jul 3, 2011 fixed: changed database create TYPE= to ENGINE= for mysql >= 5.1 Aug 3, 2009 added: new config variable for template directory (CONFIG_DIR) Jan Wagner added: Italian translation contributed by Calligaris Andrea added: PHP 5.3 compatibility Jul 17, 2009 fixed: when creating multiple contiguous subnets while doing DNS checks for the host name, ipplan will short-circuit the subnet creation - sf sean444 Jun 21, 2009 fixed: extend search and DNS years to start at 1991 sf bug #2546601 May 30, 2009 fixed: CVE-2009-1732, CVE-2009-1733 - these are non critical as they require the admin password added: apply patch for additional localization strings patch contributed by Dr. Michael Weller added: German translation contributed by Dr. Michael Weller added: patch to allow admin user to edit user email addresses contributed by Dr. Michael Weller Mar 19, 2009 fixed: misplaced } in modifycustomer.php preventing customer creation Mar 12, 2009 fixed: missing ) in displayauditlog.php fixed: refined search fails in modifydnsrecord.php due to missing submit variable fixed: check new description width when subnet split occurs
Source: README, updated 2011-07-03