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INSENSITIVE 0.9.22 ================== This is Insensitive (Incredible Nuclear Spin EvolutioN SImulation Tool Intended for Visual Education). Insensitive is free software published under the MIT license. The source code can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/insensitive/ Insensitive is also available for iOS 4.3 and above from the Apple App Store free of charge. Installation & Updates ====================== Copy the Insensitive binary to your Applications folder. Insensitive works with Mac OS X 10.6 and above. A universal binary of version 0.9.15 that is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and PPC processors is also provided, but has restrictions to some if its functionality. IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR PPC USERS: If you are working on a machine with a PowerPC processor (G4 and above) or have other reasons to do so, use the Universal binary included in this package. Due to restrictions from the Apple compiler this version will no longer be updated. Automatic updates only install the Intel binary. To keep the Universal binary do not use automatic updates and download the complete DMG file from http://downloads.sourceforge.net/insensitive/Insensitive.dmg New Features ============ Version 0.9.22 includes the following new features and fixes: - States-TPPI detection - A new spectrum window with cleaner controls, scale bars, and grid - Automatic peak picking - Tilting for J-resolved and SECSY spectra - DOSY transformation - Bruker-style spectrum report - Additions to the tutorial Version 0.9.21 fixes a bug that occurred when acquiring 2D spectra. Version 0.9.20 includes bugfixes and corections. Version 0.9.19 includes the following new features and fixes: - Set coupling constants by drag and drop - Optional random jitter of the Larmor frequency - Shows receiver phase only if the pulse sequence includes acquisition - Bring version number up to iOS version Version 0.9.15 includes several bugfixes and corrections. Version 0.9.14 included the following new features: - A presentation editor that can create life slides for use in talks and lectures - Save and open spectra - Save current spin state in *.iss files - Apodisation by pseudo-echo transformation - Select gyromagnetic ratios for I and S spins - Does not display unaffected spins in pulse sequence - Rotate spin systems - Bugfixes, additions to the tutorial Third Party Software ==================== Insensitive 0.9.21 includes code from third parties: Sparkle (automatic updates, Andy Matuschak), CONREC (contour plots, Paul Bourke, Graham Cox), vertically centered text fields (Daniel Jalkut). Reporting Bugs ============== Insensitive has been tested to exclude obvious errors and bugs. However, the software is still work and progress and may include bugs and errors. Please report bugs, give feedback and comments to: klaus.boldt@unimelb.edu.au To make bug tracking easy, please include any log and preference files in your email. Insensitive 0.9.7 saves preferences slightly differently than previous versions, which makes older binaries crash on start after version 0.9.7 was run. In the unlikely case you need to go back, delete the file /Users/<your account>/Library/Preferences/com.klausboldt.Insensitive.plist Insensitive 0.9.14 includes changes to the *.iss file format. Files created with this version of Insensitive cannot be opened with previous versions, while older files can still be opened. Insensitive 0.9.22 includes changes to the *.igg file format. Files created with this version of Insensitive cannot be opened with previous versions, while older files can still be opened. Concerning Insensitive for Windows ================================== I have been approached by several users to release Insensitive for Windows or Linux. I would love to support other platforms, but since Insensitive has been written in Objective-C and includes about 20.000 lines of code this is a big project. There are two possible toolkits to port Insensitive, GNUstep (http://www.gnustep.org) and The Cocotron (http://www.cocotron.org). Cocotron seems to be the choice for user-friendliness, but Apple's Accelerate framework for matrix algebra and FFT (BLAS, LAPACK and vDSP) is not yet easily available. If anybody has knowledge of either system and wants to help, please contact me!
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