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The releases for the Ion Beam Simulator are in the folder ibsimu. SuiteSparse is a sparse matrix library for scientific computation made by Tim Davis from The Univerity of Florida. This is a stripped and modified SuiteSparse distribution based on original SuiteSparse 3.4.0 (May 20 2009 release). The original SuiteSparse distribution can be downloaded and more information can be found at Tim Davis's home page (http://www.cise.ufl.edu/research/sparse/SuiteSparse/). This version has only part of the algorithms (AMD and UMFPACK) distributed in original SuiteSparse. The algorithms themselves are original and un-touched from version 3.4.0 of SuiteSparse, only the Makefiles of the packages were modified for user-friedly compilation, installation of static and dynamic libraries and pkg-config files on modern computer systems. SuiteSparse is distributed under GNU LGPL licence. Constructive Solid Geometry Library or LibCSG is a computer library by Taneli Kalvas for describing three dimensional geometries built of primitive objects like spheres, cones, cylinders, etc in IBSimu. The library has a simple ray-tracer and a zbuffer renderer, which can be used for building images. The code is documented using Doxygen. Distribution under GPL licence.
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