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*Version HareDBClient-1.94.02 which has a new function, Bulkload, is released in our offical website http://www.haredb.com and url for download page is http://www.haredb.com/HareDB/src_ap/Download_HBaseClient.aspx?l=1 *

*Version HareDBCLient- is released with some bug fixed.*

*Version HareDBClient-1.94.01 is a brand new version. We transfer the system UI from Swing to Web, and we shrink the system size around 50%.*

Currently we support the enviroment as below.

  • JDK 1.6
  • HBase 0.94.xx
  • Web Browser: Chrome 13.0+ ; Firefox 4.0 +

New Features

Meta Schema Manager
we integerat with hive meta store to do the schema management for HBase. The good news is you don't even have Hive yourself. You can use our embedded Hive.
Hight Speed Query (HareQL)
HareQL is an SQL query engine which we are implemented by HBase coprocessores. It's a low latency query and much faster than hive.However we only support one table query. In other words, we don't support join.
Easy Install

all you have to do is double click the jar file. Of course, you can use "Java -jar HareDBClient_1.94.01.jar"

PS: First time, it will be much slower, cause system is deploying the system.

How to Start

  1. Download the haredb-hbase-client.jar
  2. Double Click haredb-hbase-client.jar or use "Java -jar HareDBClient_1.94.01.jar"
  3. Click the Hare iCon or Click the question mark to get user manual
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