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***************************************************************************************************************************** Grub2Win is a tool that lets you boot grub2 from Windows. It supports booting grub2 directly from Windows 8, Windows 7, XP and Vista. Download this simple set of scripts and instructions that allow you to get grub2 booting quickly. All the files for Grub2Win reside on the Windows C: drive so you don't have to depend on the availability of any Linux partition to boot your computer. The Windows MBR is not touched so multiboot of Windows and Linux can be accomplished safely. Grub2 supports extremely large disks (over 4 TB) and GPT partitions allowing you to have many OS images on a single physical disk drive. Grub2 also supports search, advanced scripting and many partition types. Supported filesystems include Btrfs, ext4, ext3, ext2, NTFS, Fat and Mac hfsplus. Booting from CD and USB is also supported by grub2. Grub2Win boot is controlled by native BCD in Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server and Vista. In Windows XP it is controlled by ntldr and boot.ini. Help and messages can be displayed in 27 major languages. ***************************************************************************************************************************** Quick Start These instructions assume that you boot the Windows native MBR. Disclaimer: Make sure you have properly backed up your disks and data before you try this. I believe the procedure to be safe, but you never know. I assume no responsibility for your system. 1. Download the grub2win.zip file from sourceforge and unzip it. 2. Move the unzipped grub2 directory to the C: drive root. In other words the unzipped directory should be located at C:\grub2. 3. Go to the C:\grub2 directory and run grub2win.exe. This will require administrator access. 4. The program will prompt you for your graphics preference, Windows boot timeout and grub timeout. You can also set the Grub2 language and boot menu title. The defaults should work fine, but you can change them if desired. Now click "Manage Boot Menu". 5. Add the systems you want Grub to display at boot time. Detailed instructions will be found by clicking Help. 6. Now click Apply to return to the main Grub2Win screen. When you are satisfied with the options, click OK. Grub2Win will now generate a customized C:\grub2\grub.cfg file with the systems and options you have selected. 7. Shut down and re-boot Windows. Select the "Grub2 For Windows" menu entry. You should now receive a Grub2Win screen with the selections you have configured. This confirms that Grub2Win is working properly. 8. You can run grub2win.exe as often as you like to add, change or remove the systems on your boot menu. Many items, including Linux boot parms, icons, timeouts and partition addresses can be tailored. Your choices will preserved across multiple runs. ***************************************************************************************************************************** The Grub2Win user manual will be found in C:\grub2\winhelp\user.manual.pdf License: Grub2Win, GNU grub and associated modules are distributed under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. A copy of the license can be found on the web at http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html Good luck and enjoy! drummerdp
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