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NEW IN THIS RELEASE: * LIST and HASH are fully supported even left-side struct access is possible e. g.: GDL> h = HASH('key',{tag1:1}) & h['key'].tag1 = 3 * CURSOR: full support for CURSOR command, which is interruptable by control-c and supports all options. - Added cursor-related functions TVCRS and command EMPTY. - Added DEVICE options CURSOR_CROSSHAIR, CURSOR_STANDARD, CURSOR_ORIGINAL and GET/SET_GRAPHICS_FUNCTION (GXoR, GXand, etc). - Disabled by default the focus in the X11 graphics windows as IDL does and repositioned WINDOWS by default to top-right of screen. * PLOT, OPLOT: All keywords supported (except Z and T3D), Correct handling of log/DATA/NORMAL/DEVICE coordinates and CLIPPING. * PLOTS: As above, plus /CONTINUE * XYOUTS: As above, plus one-argument support (XYOUTS,"string"). - Enhancements: Vector support for color, size, angle, ... * PSYMs Shapes now identical to IDL's. * CONTOUR: Support of most options (except ZVALUE, ZAXIS,CELL_FILL, C_ANNOTATIONS, CLOSED, DOWNHILL, IRREGULAR, TRIANGULATION,PATH_XXX) Correct implementation of Z, [X,Y], i.e., contours may be skewed, rotated, etc depending on X and Y. Extensions with respect to IDL: - a new ZLOG option generates log contours as well. - C_ORIENTATION, C_SPACING are also vectors. - log axes give better results - good contouring of Not-A-Number values in Z and MIN_VALUE/MAX_VALUE - CLIPPING ok. - AXIS and boxes in plots: all [XYZ]TICK[XXX] options supported except TICKV and a few TICKFORMAT specifics. * .RESET_SESSION and .FULL_RESET_SESSION commands * Significant speed improvement when compiled with Eigen3 library. In MATRIX_MULTIPLY() (and # operators), especially on multi-cores, basic load managment included. * CHOLSOL/CHOLDC and LA_CHOLSOL/LA_CHOLDC using Eigen3 * many bug fixes and speed improvements
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