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Ginkgo CADx Project Changelog Version (2011-04-15) ---------------------------- * New architecture, refactoring of Ginkgo CADx Core. * ITK, VTK and wxWidgets are compiled as dll library. It's opened the possibility of make extensions containing full modules with it's own views, studies... * New ECG view has been created, full support of ECG. (thanks to Generalitat de Catalunya for the support) * Sequencial instance number is now included in all slices of each imported series (thanks to Guillermo Lopez) * Internationalization support improved, you can easily translate Ginkgo CADx and incorporate compiled gettext files in lang folder * Upload to PACS improved we have done a full restyling of user interaction. * You can configure Ginkgo CADx download implementation to work with PACS that only allows download full studies. You can select series/studies download mode. * User/password validation when communicating with PACS server has been implemented. * XML Integration parser has been translated to English to provide a easier way of integration. * DCMTK migration to version 3.6.0 * Log4cplus has been replaced by log4cplus of DCMTK * Bug fixes MD5's of the released files with this version: a5e51c1b505ebc3fa44bfa111fa2932b Ginkgo_CADx- 0b0e9518564590a1940af8fcb20850ea Ginkgo_CADx- e5744efdfac2463b2b02c5bc753471e2 Ginkgo_CADx- 6ab0df05cac9a9c3765f7c353609b292 9be3e29751402ef90d6b730644ee987c Ginkgo_CADx- f8b8de8f561e46302abaee42e942ce20 Ginkgo_CADx- Version (2011-02-25) ---------------------------- * Volume reconstruction totally functional * Surface reconstruction totally functional * XML-RPC interface implemented * Corrections in C-GET to get complete studies * Updated Ginkgo Translations * Bug fixes MD5's of the released files with this version: a35dc7dac51fe22899f48a9a51fad3c6 Ginkgo_CADx- (OSX DMG). fbcf44e2a7b5364712c2e7fe57e3b708 Ginkgo_CADx- (Windows32 Installer). 1474d94324f3076f9083c3494d9cd846 Ginkgo_CADx- (Linux64 Executable). 6d22ab840fc886b8ee49376328385d8c Ginkgo_CADx- (Linux32 Executable). ab1ddab3e2745c533e42c1231916a514 Ginkgo_CADx- (Source code). 2781fd9ae11cb07fc95b9594ca37963a (Windows32 Executable). Version (2011-02-15) ---------------------------- * Ginkgo CADs acceps -version parameter * Modifications in the definition of the integration XML and HL7 message of dicomization * Default PACS server selection, it will be used when Ginkgo CADx is executed with a dicomization XML * Spanish translation updated * Japanese translations * Improved verbose level in DICOM operations * Overlay interpretation improved in series with slices with different number of overlays * Correction of "No Options" bar refresh problem * Series with spacing 0 are interpreted as spacing 1x1 * Restyling of medical history bar with collapsible nodes and searching filters * Restyling of PACS acquisition dialog * Restyling of About Ginkgo dialog * Restyling of license dialog * Correction of virtual memory leak * Improved update support * DICOM exportation and diagnostics upload system change, when a diagnostic is uploaded to a PACS the diagnostic is merged with the original file. * Images without metric information are detected and the user is warned about it. * Integration of CharLS library to read JPEG-LS DICOMs * Optimization of PACS commands, GET retrieve is improved and exhaustive tested with DCM4CHEE pacs * Bug Fixes * Printing bug on Linux (thanks to André Alvim Tolentino). * EXPERIMENTAL 3D reconstruction (buggy and feature incomplete): CT Surface Rendering. Disabled by default. Can be enabled with permission profiles: Tools -> Settings -> Profiles -> New/Edit; Set 3D Reconstruction: "true", 3D Surface Rendering: "true". MD5's of the released files with this version: e8116a4ee3671743cd6f7020386f8fe6 Ginkgo_CADx- Mac (OSX DMG). ca21f42b9daa4525e6c6d3216791bab4 Ginkgo_CADx- (Windows32 Installer). 29053b222edf07ed758fe5e232b13016 Ginkgo_CADx- (Linux64 Executable). 6bc50d307d536f9a2262c114a770aa0e Ginkgo_CADx- (Linux32 Executable). ad7299db649942708952a9f49884b723 Ginkgo_CADx- (Source code). 0b51df0bba3f1d25fc161447d5836932 (Windows32 Executable).
Source: README.txt, updated 2011-04-26