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------------------------- GenerateDataDSL090 ReadMe ------------------------- GenerateDataDSL090 is an experimental Domain Specific Language (DSL) which helps you create files of test data. There are some pre-requisites to successfully using GenerateDataDSL090 :- 1. 'Out of the box', GenerateDataDSL090 requires : Up to 512Mb Ram. : Free disk space of around 100 Mb : A compatible OS. Windows XP and higher should be fine. : A compatible JRE - see below. 2. GenerateDataDSL090 requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) at version 1.7 or higher. If you do not have one, you can get one from www.java.sun.com. 3. The JRE should be accessible in your PATH variable. This means that if you type java -version at the command line, java will respond with its version number. If you get 'Bad command or file name' or similar, java is not in your current PATH. 4. Unzip the main distribution file into the required location. Eg C:\GenerateDataDSL090. Take care to ensure that the installation directory and all directories below it have full write permissions for the user(s) who are intending to use the program. 5. To launch the program from the command line, change directory to the installation directory (eg c:\GenerateDataDSL090) and enter :- .\RunGenerateDataDSL090.bat GenerateDataDSL090 is developed on a Windows platform, but may also run on other non Windows systems, that support a JRE at 1.7 or above. ------------ Installation ------------ To install GenerateDataDSL090, unzip the entire contents of the main distribution file provided into a convenient location, say C:\GenerateDataDSL090 Navigate to this directory and double click on RunGenerateDataDSL090.bat to launch the program. End Of ReadMe.
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