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Multi-Garnet is a package that implements multi-directional constraints within Garnet. When the Multi-Garnet package is loaded into Garnet, the normal Garnet constraint system (formulas, etc) is still accessible. In addition it is possible to create multi-way constraints relating slot values. Each constraint is defined by a set of methods, where each method contains a Lisp form to propagate values in a different direction. The constraints are organized into a hierarchy of different strength constraints, where stronger constraints can override weaker constraints. For an overview of multi-way hierarchical constraints, see the article "An Incremental Constraint Solver" by Freeman-Benson, Maloney and Borning in Communications of the ACM, January 1990 (v33, n1, pp54-63). The Multi-Garnet package is available by anonymous ftp to june.cs.washington.edu (, cd pub/constraints/multi-garnet. This directory contains the following: pub/constraints/multi-garnet/UW-CSE-92-07-01.PS.Z This file is a compressed Postscript file containing a 50-page tech report on Multi-Garnet. This report includes an overview of the system and a reference manual. pub/constraints/multi-garnet/v2.1 This directory contains the code for Multi-Garnet v2.1, as well as several example files containing commented code written using Multi-Garnet. Multi-Garnet v2.1 has been tested under Garnet v2.0 and v2.1 and Franz Allegro Common Lisp version 4.1. It may require small changes to run under other versions of Lisp. It will probably not work with other versions of Garnet. Eventually other versions will be created to work with newer versions of Garnet. Important note: Multi-Garnet is not an official part of the Garnet project. The Garnet maintainers are not responsible for maintaining this package. Any bug reports on Multi-Garnet should be sent to Michael Sannella (sannella@cs.washington.edu), not the garnet mailing lists. Any comments on the Multi-Garnet system would be welcome. ~~ Michael Sannella
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