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Included in the DOS_API archive is all the required files needed to use the FREEDOM GUI programming system. All you will need to do to make it operational on the FreeDOS system is to unzip the archive in your root directory C:/ using UNZIP DOS_API.ZIP DO NOT ALTER THE RESULTING DIRECTORY TREE UNTIL YOU UPDATE THE SOURCES TO REFLECT THOSE YOUR CHANGES OR THE SYSTEM WILL NOT WORK. FREEDOM.E is an example program on how to create a message loop for FREEDOM. It is only a very basic functional test of the objects currently included in the API. The purpose of putting FREEDOM on Source Forge was to allow others to add additional objects, and to add their new sources to this one. FREEDOM.INI is the initialization file for all programs using the GUI. It is filled with comments to explain what the entries are for. Be very careful when using VESA VIDEO CODE values. Make sure your system monitor can handle it. The new VESA driver for Euphoria is designed to use all possible VESA codes, including all screen resolutions or color value levels (256, hi-color (32K), hi-color (64K), and tru-color (16M)). You can easily write a VESA system check program to find out what modes your system has available to you by using the GetVesaList() function in the VESA_API.E include file. The help files for the VESA_API.E, FONT_API.E, and IMAG_API.E files are contained within the EUPH24.ZIP archive.
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