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fredns-afraid v0.10

  • GNU autoconf/automake used for building. It may help to build/install freedns-afraid on other Linux distros.
  • HTML pages are not installed into doc directory. All the information relevant to installed freedns-afraid are present in *.txt files and man pages.
  • Problem fixed: If freedns-afraid user exists, rpm cannot be installed because of runtime error in pre-install scriplet. Now it is not a problem: existing account will be utilized.
  • Problem fixed: When rpm is removed, freedns-afraid user and group are deleted. As result, configuration file freedns-afraid.conf.rpmsave is owned by undefined group (which gid may be accidentally reused). Now configuration files are forced to be owned by root group before deleting freedns-afraid account.
Source: README.md, updated 2014-01-19