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FEHASHMAC Version 1.4.2 20.05.2015 Download and Verify The latest and all earlier releases can be downloaded from http://fehashmac.sourceforge.net To verify the download, get the hash file fehashmac-n.n.n.tar.gz.hash and execute the command $ fehashmac -c fehashmac-n.n.n.tar.gz.hash This will test all algorithms, HMACs, KMACs and Base64. Documentation See README.html in the Doc directory New Features ------------ *20.05.2015: KMAC implemented for SHA3 algorithms and XOFs.* README updated. Algorithm kmac-all selects all algorithms that support KMAC, all-b64 selects all algos that support Base64 encoding, and similarly kmac-all-b64. The KMAC key can either be an ASCII string (up to 253 bytes long, --key=xxx) or a hex string (--hexkey=nnn), whose length in bits may be specified with --keylength=bbb (max value 254*8-1= 2031 bits). *01.05.2015: Extendable Output Functions (XOFs) xofshake128, xofshake256.* Output length can be specified to an arbitrary number of bytes up to 9 Exabytes or infinity. BASE64 output is OK. *27.02.2015: BASE64 support for SHAKE.* SHAKE can now produce BASE64 output. *18.01.2015: SHA3 performance:* + SHA3 is now implemented based on the KeccakWidth1600Opt64LCu6 version in the KeccakCodePackage (downloaded on 11.12.2014): +$ git clone https://github.com/gvanas/KeccakCodePackage+ This version gives good performance both on 32 and 64 bit Intel platforms as well as on an AMD GEODE based appliance. Reports about other platforms like SPARC are welcome. *02.01.2015: The 6 SHA3 algorithms are now supported,* + based on the Draft FIPS Pub 202 (May 2014): sha3-224, sha3-256, sha3-384, sha3-512 and the two extendable output functions (XOF) shake128 and shake256. Test vectors are included. Our implementation is based on the reference implementation, a more efficient implementation will follow in an update. *28.01.2012: Multiple algorithms (including HMACs) can be specified simultaneously.* + The data files are read only once, and all hashes are calculated in parallel. As an option, algorithm "all" expands to the list of all known algorithms, which are thus calculated in parallel for each data file or string. Likewise, algorithm "hmac-all" expands to all known HMAC algorithms. The results of the --check option and the test cases are nicely summarized. *29.03.2011: Support for the sha512-224 sha512-256 algorithms* *14.04.2011: HMAC test vectors added* for MD5, SHA1, RMD128, RMD160. List of algorithms is now sorted alphabetically. *13.04.2011: Support for all SHA-3 finalists:* BLAKE, GROESTL, JH, KECCAK, SKEIN for 224. 256. 384, 512 bits hash length, SKEIN also for 1024 bits. They all support bitwise operation, bitwise test vectors are included (taken from the SHA-3 submissions). HMAC support upgraded to FIPS PUB 198-1 (2008), HMAC test vectors added for sha{224, 256, 384, 512}. Purpose ------- FEHASHMAC is a collection of publicly known hash algorithms integrated into a command-line utility. FEHASHMAC also contains a set of known test vectors and results for each algorithm such that the correct implementation for each hardware platform and compiler version can directly be verified. FEHASHMAC supports bitwise hash calculation for algorithms with available bitwise test vectors. Currently this applies to the SHA algorithms: sha1, sha224, sha256, sha384, sha512, and to the SHA-3 finalists. The so-called Gillogly bitwise input has only been tested for sha1, but is also implemented in the SHA-2 hashes. Bitwise hash calculation is also supported in sha512-224, sha512-256, whirl, but there are no bitwise test vectors available. FEHASHMAC can also calculate hashed message authentication codes (HMAC) as specified in RFC 2104 and extended to arbitrary-length keys in FIPS PUB 198-1. The HMAC key can be specified as an ASCII string or as a hex string, and HMACs can be calculated for files, strings, and hex strings. To simplify usage, symbolic links with the algorithm name allow to call fehashmac without the -a option. A prepended hmac- will automatically enable HMAC mode. Hashes and HMACs/KMACs of files can be verified with the --check option. .Supported Algorithms (50) in 14 families: ************************************************************** blake224 blake256 blake384 blake512 gost groestl224 groestl256 groestl384 groestl512 jh224 jh256 jh384 jh512 keccak224 keccak256 keccak384 keccak512 lash160 lash256 lash384 lash512 md2 md4 md5 rmd128 rmd160 rmd256 rmd320 sha1 sha224 sha256 sha384 sha512 sha512-224 sha512-256 sha3-224 sha3-256 sha3-384 sha3-512 shake128 shake256 xofshake128 xofshake256 skein1024 skein224 skein256 skein384 skein512 tiger2 whirl ************************************************************** .Supported MAC Algorithms (42): ************************************************************** hmac-blake224 hmac-blake256 hmac-blake384 hmac-blake512 hmac-gost hmac-groestl224 hmac-groestl256 hmac-groestl384 hmac-groestl512 hmac-jh224 hmac-jh256 hmac-jh384 hmac-jh512 hmac-keccak224 hmac-keccak256 hmac-keccak384 hmac-keccak512 hmac-lash160 hmac-lash256 hmac-lash384 hmac-lash512 hmac-md2 hmac-md4 hmac-md5 hmac-rmd128 hmac-rmd160 hmac-rmd256 hmac-rmd320 hmac-sha1 hmac-sha224 hmac-sha256 hmac-sha384 hmac-sha512 hmac-sha512-224 hmac-sha512-256 hmac-skein224 hmac-skein256 hmac-skein384 hmac-skein512 hmac-skein1024 hmac-tiger2 hmac-whirl ************************************************************** .Supported KMAC Algorithms (8): ************************************************************** kmac-sha3-224 kmac-sha3-256 kmac-sha3-384 kmac-sha3-512 kmac-shake128 kmac-shake256 kmac-xofshake128 kmac-xofshake256 ************************************************************** .Algorithms with Base64 Encoding (4): ************************************************************** shake128-b64 shake256-b64 xofshake128-b64 xofshake256-b64 ************************************************************** .KMAC Algorithms with Base64 Encoding (4): ************************************************************** kmac-shake128-b64 kmac-shake256-b64 kmac-xofshake128-b64 kmac-xofshake256-b64 ************************************************************** SHA3 supports KMAC, not HMAC
Source: README, updated 2015-05-21