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README file for Farmyard Round 'em Up Version 2.0 Saturday December 18th, 2010 --------------- A 2D one-player, four-pong style game developed by Stephen Bidwell, Vincen Vitiello, Kevin Mcdonald, Hanna Bao and Alexander Watling in the Fall of 2010 for COMP 50: Game Development with Professor Ming Chow --------------- IN ORDER TO PLAY: ***Please install python 2.7.1 DO NOT INSTALL python 3.1.3 Farmyard Round 'em Up will not be compatible with the newest version of Python Here is the link for your reference: http://www.python.org/download/releases/2.7.1/ ***Download the Game folder located on our Sourceforge Website Here is the link for your reference: https://sourceforge.net/projects/farmyard/ ***Unzip the Game folder and open the file labelled, "FarmyardRoundEmUp.py" ***When "Idle" starts up, go to tab "RUN" under which "RUN MODULE" is located. Run the module. ***Enjoy! --------------- NOTES: This is our second playable version of the game, originally presented as the final group 2D game for COMP 50: Game Development. This is the second and most likely (for the short term) final update to Farmyard Round 'em Up. *** VERSION 2.0*** The following have been updated for version 2.0! ****Power Up*** Collecting this powerup will enhance the reach of the Hoggett brother that grabs it, making it easier to collect the animals! ***Updated Sounds*** Now more realistic and life-like! ***Mute Button*** For those times when loud animal noises are just a distraction… PRESS (M) to Mute / Unmute ***Local High Score List*** Compete among your friends for the highest score!
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