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####### EverSync Readme ######## ** Server ** * Requirements: -Webserver with php-5.3 or higher installed. -php-sqlite * Installation: To install the server just copy all the server files into your web dir. The server needs read/write-access in "/files" * Testing: Open "http://localhost/path/on/server/install.php" and follow the instructions. Now you can login with your admin account on: "http://localhost/path/on/server/" ** Client ** * You can start client with: java -Djava.library.path=. -jar EverSync* * To "install" EverSync use: "install". * Type help to get a list of available commands. * Type log to get the recent log entries. ** Note ** * If you want to start EverSync in background you can use the "eversync" startup script. (Linux)
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