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emacs-bin -- Binary distributions of GNU Emacs. This project provides binary distributions of GNU Emacs, made from its official, unmodified source code (either released versions or development snapshots). The goal is to promote the use of this great software package by removing the barrier that could represent the task of building the package oneself. Each binary package contains exactly what "make install" produces [1]. Therefore, even though the binaries are built with support for some optional libraries [2], the binaries of those libraries are not included in these emacs-bin packages. See the file 'nt/INSTALL' for instructions on setting up a working runtime environment with support for those libraries. For now, the binaries are only for MS-Windows platforms. See the file 'etc/build-recipe.txt' for details on how the builds are made. --- Footnotes --------- [1] But for MS-Windows builds, the file "bin/emacs-VERSION.exe" is removed from the package in order to lessen its size. That file is a copy (not just a link like in GNU/Linux builds) of "bin/emacs.exe" for a given version, so you may re-create it locally if you want. [2] XPM JPEG TIFF GIF PNG RSVG NOTIFY ACL GNUTLS LIBXML2 ZLIB.
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