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This readme.txt file may be old. have a look at www.ehpc.net for more recent info. prerequisities: only clean debian/ubuntu (apt-get) compatible linux system. to install copy and paste following on your linux console: wget http://www.ehcp.net/download tar -zxvf ehcp_latest.tgz cd ehcp ./install.sh after installation, panel username: admin, pass: whatever you set in install. Running ehcp: ------------------------ after you finish ehcp, it should already run as a daemon. if daemon is not run somehow, you may execute ./ehcpdaemon.sh in where you installed ehcp. this will start the program in daemon mod. the web interface will at the web server where you installed your files. for local computer, call http://localhost/ and you will see your login dialog. admin account: admin after logged in, you may add/delete users, as well as domains/email users etc. soma files such as ehcp_postfix.sh, ehcp_postfix2.sh, install_old.sh and so, are not used anymore, only left for historical purposes. send any comments/questions to: info@ehcp.net msn/email: info@ehcp.net Hope, you will find ehcp useful. have a look at www.ehcp.net for ore info.. Thanks ehcp developer
Source: readme.txt, updated 2014-09-02