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Release Notes - Version 2.5.2 ** New Features * [UTM-250] - PhishTank as anti-phishing protection * [CORE-82] - Show signatures update time in the dashboard * [CORE-477] - Intel drivers for the newest Intel network interface cards * [CORE-222] - Support for USB Huawei E173 USB UMTS modem ** Improvements * [UTM-68] - ClamAV engine update to version 0.97.8 * [CORE-184] - The collectd netlink plugin stores information that is never used * [CORE-89] - EMI does not load sqlite anymore * [CORE-259] - EMI storage is not read/write-safe * [CORE-63] - In Port forwarding / DNAT the default mode should be simple instead of advanced * [UTM-250] - PhishTank lists replace lists from malwaredomains * [CORE-285] - Packaged signatures tarball with new PhishTank signatures instead of those from malwaredomains * [CORE-105] - Monit method needs an additional attribute monitor=False which prevents monitor/unmonitor command from getting sent to monit * [CORE-189] - Store collectd RRD files in /tmp and periodically synchronize to /var * [CORE-164] - Delete archived log files when free space is needed * [CORE-231] - Use collectd graphs instead of squid-graph * [CORE-206] - Replace makegraphs.pl with collectd graphs * [UTM-110] - Remove collectd's ntp RRD files * [UTM-80] - New version of ntop * [CORE-240] - Ethernet bonding support * [UTM-40] - DansGuardian custom *regexp file is not handled correctly ** Bugs * [UTM-115] - ClamAV blocks .exe files due to issues in its DetectBrokenExecutables check * [UTM-86] - HAVP does not run after an upgrade to 2.5 * [UTM-65] - “Block encrypted archives” flag was doing exactly the opposite of what had been configured * [UTM-63] - Wrong status message in ClamAV page before the first signature update * [CORE-132] - The Authentication layer does not start due to an UTF-8 problem * [CORE-125] - Authentication job is not started after finishing the initial wizard * [CORE-367] - Old backups cannot be downloaded after migrating to 2.5 * [CORE-288] - USB stick not detected correctly by efw-backupusb * [CORE-278] - When cleaning the system USB backups are not considered * [CORE-148] - Instead of keeping 3 USB backups when rotating only 2 are kept * [CORE-113] - Error creating the cron link for scheduled automatic backups * [CORE-220] - More backups than configured are stored * [CORE-427] - Deadlock during the reading/writing of SettingFiles * [CORE-264] - Logout button does not work for all browsers * [CORE-236] - After an update efw-shell does not display correctly the new/updated commands" * [CORE-122] - In policy routing rules only CS0 Type of Service can be selected * [CORE-107] - Dnsmasq sometimes fails to restart which causes monit to use a huge amount of resources * [CORE-88] - Backup uplinks do not work if they are Ethernet uplinks * [CORE-497] - Collectd does not start on boot with new version of monit * [CORE-211] - Dependency to efw-httpd is missing * [COMMUNITY-15] - RPM triggers interrupt update process * [CORE-451] - GUI port is hardcoded for redirection * [CORE-268] - Reboot required not shown after kernel upgrade * [CORE-482] - emicommand hangs because of curl blocking * [CORE-137] - YAML storage raises an exception when trying to load a valid YAML file that contains a list instead of a dictionary * [CORE-369] - Interzone firewall rules are not created after migration to 2.5 * [CORE-119] - When switching from advanced to simple mode editing destination NAT rules the filter policy is changed to ALLOW * [CORE-118] - Target port of Destination NAT is not disabled when the incoming protocol is "Any" * [CORE-115] - Incoming Service/Port field of Port forwarding/ Destination NAT is editable, even if Service and Protocol are both set to "Any" * [CORE-106] - The bridges job status is wrong, "restart" instead of "start" * [CORE-335] - jobcontrol hangs when sync restarting jobs * [CORE-326] - Jobengine exception during update * [CORE-257] - Jobs are unnecessarily restarted multiple times * [CORE-248] - Jobsengine memory leak when OpenVPN client connects * [CORE-131] - The efw-shell command "job" does not work due to a syntax error * [CORE-124] - AnaCronJob uses Job.start which sets force=True even if not needed * [CORE-123] - DownloadJob uses Job.start which sets force=True even if not needed * [CORE-120] - Timestamping signatures are recreated although force is not set to true in CrawlerJob * [CORE-321] - After migration from 2.4 to 2.5 RAID controller mptsas is not working anymore * [CORE-303] - Intel Network driver igb not supported for Quad Intel 82580 Gigabit Network * [CORE-190] - Enable FUSION_SAS driver * [CORE-332] - twistd.log are not compressed and rotated in / * [CORE-247] - Logrotate not run under various circumstances * [CORE-87] - ntop UI is not accessible * [CORE-251] - Logrotate configuration file is removed when logrotate package is upgraded after efw-syslog * [CORE-203] - purge-log-archives script fails under special circumstances * [UTM-414] - ntop segfault in libc-2.3.4.so/libntop-4.1.0.so * [UTM-244] - ntop crashes if it is asked to monitor a interface that is down * [CORE-343] - VLAN configuration problem * [CORE-174] - Local routes are missing in ip rule so user defined rules always overrule local routes * [CORE-86] - Policy Routing rules are not applied * [CORE-80] - Upgrade of stripped RPM packages destroys configuration files * [UTM-378] - Double efw-dnsmasq packages after upgrade * [UTM-338] - When updating efw-dnsmasq the httpd configuration file is removed * [UTM-322] - Anti-spyware signatures last update date is inconsistent * [UTM-320] - DNS black- and whitelists are ignored until the cron job runs * [UTM-317] - DNS anti-spyware blacklist is not working * [UTM-316] - Black- and whitelisted domains are not erased after saving settings * [UTM-88] - Unable to download malwaredomains information * [UTM-181] - Proxy PAC is not applied * [UTM-93] - Denial of service triggered by access to the proxy port * [UTM-90] - DansGuardian blacklists and phraselists are missing after an upgrade to 2.5 * [UTM-87] - DansGuardian blacklists and phraselists cannot be downloaded * [UTM-55] - Clamd is not started before HAVP * [UTM-194] - HTTP proxy configuration ignores rules under certain circumstances * [UTM-81] - IMAP authentication fails if username contains a @domain part. * [CORE-219] - TOS/DSCP option breaks Quality of Service * [UTM-119] - Snort is restarted twice during boot time * [CORE-138] - System uptime is shown incorrectly * [CORE-396] - Migration not called after upgrade to 2.5 due to collectd * [CORE-159] - Certain migration scripts are not executed * [CORE-129] - Migration framework causes tracebacks if an RPM package has an epoch set and a migration script for it exists * [UTM-108] - OpenVPN client calls missing "remove_rules" method which is not controlled by jobengine and uses a deprecated function * [UTM-95] - Selecting GREEN in IPsec GUI corrupts IPsec configuration file * [UTM-230] - OpenVPN job fails to create user configuration files if the push orange or push blue options are enabled * [UTM-97] - OpenVPN process cannot remove temporary files because of wrong file owner * [CORE-221] - OpenVPN client TUN device configuration is broken * [UTM-200] - Route to subnet behind OpenVPN gateway-to- gateway user is set with wrong gateway IP address if the user has a static IP assigned
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