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EclipseFP Haskell 2.5.5 Release Notes Necessary Haskell packages: - EclipseFP relies on BuildWrapper, a Haskell IDE library, for a lot of its functionality. See https://github.com/JPMoresmau/BuildWrapper for more information. Version 0.7.6 of buildwrapper has been validated with this version of EclipseFP - EclipseFP also uses scion-browser. Version 0.2.19 has been validated with this version of EclipseFP Fixes: - Spaces in Hugs executable path accepted in preference page - Show UUAGC errors correctly (https://github.com/JPMoresmau/eclipsefp/issues/125) - Do not try to parse HLint output if empty - Bug in styles range handling (https://github.com/JPMoresmau/eclipsefp/issues/129) - Code defensively to avoid https://github.com/JPMoresmau/eclipsefp/issues/130 - Cabal packages views sorts properly versions - Disable component choice on new project if one cabal file exists, even if it has another name than the project name (https://github.com/JPMoresmau/eclipsefp/issues/114) - Scion-browser wouldn't start on Eclipse Juno/Kepler if "start only when Haskell perspective is activated" preference is checked and Haskell perspective opened on startup - Enable spell checker on Haskell comments and string literals, and on the whole Cabal file (https://github.com/JPMoresmau/eclipsefp/issues/141) - Better comment handling (https://github.com/JPMoresmau/eclipsefp/issues/141) - Show proper error messages when names contain HTML reserved characters - Display properly in Browser views functions containg HTML characters like </> - Suggest properly module imports on unresolved symbols like </> - Issues with import warning quick fixes: https://github.com/JPMoresmau/eclipsefp/issues/146 Features: - Supports FILE import mode for stylish-haskell (https://github.com/JPMoresmau/eclipsefp/issues/118) - Quick fix for "naked expression at top level": add TemplateHaskell language pragma - Quick fix for "parse error on input `case'": add LambdaCase language pragma - Version range options when adding dependencies through Cabal editor - Adding a package via a quick fix use bound range checking - Quick fix suggestions for missing imports start with modules from packages already marked as dependencies - cabal-dev: preference to use only one sandbox for the whole workspace (in .metadata/.plugins/net.sf.eclipsefp.haskell.ui/.cabal-dev) - use Usage DB for suggestions (more suggestions for out of scope errors) - More cases where OverloadedString quick fix can be selected - Quick fix on cabal-version too low for library reference - Multiline comments can be folded - Scion-browser debug mode enablement does not require a restart - Cabal editor uses similar colors than Haskell editor, driven by the same properties - Quick fix: take suggestions on misspelled packages - Quick fix can suggest more pragmas (example: ScopedTypedVariables) Internal: - Apache common-lang bundled Upgrade notes: - Upgrade via the Eclipse install site http://eclipsefp.sf.net/updates. Known issues: - There are still issues installing Hoogle database on Windows, apparently, but I'm unable to reproduce. Keep sending error messages and we'll investigate Thanks to all bug reporters and users for their feedback. Thanks to all the people that expressed interest in EclipseFP and want to see it stay alive and improve!
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