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Dokeos is an elearning and course management web application (LMS), translated in 34 languages, already helping thousands of organisations worldwide to manage learning and collaboration activities.

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  • Authoring
  • Rapid Learning
  • Quiz builder
  • Catalogue and E-Commerce
  • Learning Management System
  • Web 2.0 collaboration
  • Reporting
  • Mindmapping


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  • notopos
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    1) I cannot locate any options to delete a course once I have created it. Since courses will change, as tyhe requirements of the learners change, it is important to be able to delete/rename courses. 2) I cannot determine how to modify the name of course codes. Because of changes to the structure of our training portal, I need to be more specific in the course code names, but there does not appear to be any editing tool to change the course codes. 3) I don't want the slideshow to appear on the Login page, but do want to add slideshows to a separate Home page (for the Learners) and also to create slideshows for the individual course pages. How do I do these things? 4) It is necessary that different users be taken to different pages, after login. For instance, Learners should be taken (from the login screen) to a home page of courses. Administrators should be taken to a dashboard page, where they can access detailed information about the progress of the Learners. And, there is the Owner of the organization, who wants to be directed (immediately after login) to an overview page, where he can view one or two graphics that provide him with a snapshot of Learners progress. I cannot find any means of modifying how users are redirected, after login. Short of completely rewriting the PHP code - which skill I do not have - what are the options for making such modifications? Both deleting courses and changing course codes would seem to be very basic practices. Am I missing something? As for removing slideshows from the login page, but being able to add them to subsequent pages, instead, as well as creating different redirect pages after login, depending upon who is logging in -- there an administrative area I have overlooked, where these tools exist? Please, our portal is virtually unusable until these issues are resolved. Any help is greatly appreciated! Respectfully, Dr. Jonas Moses

    Posted 04/01/2013
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