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--- VERSION 1.0 --- Contents: - Version1.0 of DMS contains Source code,Database scripts,War file and Jar files. War file: - In this folder there is a war file of DMS version1.0. This war file can be used to run DMS application. Users who doesn't want to do any development can run DMS using this war file. After deploying war file into server(tomcat) goto the folder "dms" that has been created after deployment and edit the properties file "DatabaseResource.properties" to refer to the database you use. That is change the current ip into the ip address in which your database is created. The properties file can be found inside "WEB-INF/classes/resources" folder. User will have to add some jar files into tomcat/lib folder. These jar files can be obtained from War "file/Lib" folder. Put the jars inside "Lib.zip" into "tomcat/lib" folder. Database can be created using DBscript. Database creation is explained below under the heading DBscript. Giving http://ipaddress:port/dms on browser will load login page. Source: - In this folder the source code for the project is available. After unzipping the folder you can import the project into your IDE. Acutal development was done using JDeveloper IDE version Now create a database for DMS in Mysql using the D?Bscript. The steps for creating database using DBscript is described below under the heading DBscript. After setting up a database for DMS, you may refer the application to the new database. You can edit the file "DatabaseResource.properties" inside "/resources" to refer the new database. Also download the jar file from "Jar files" folder. The source uses these jar files. So add these jar files into "Library". Now the application is ready to run. Users can make necessary changes, if they want. DBscript: - In the folder DBscript there are two mysql scripts available. DMS uses Mysql database. The structure of the database can be created using CreateDB.sql file. Now contents can be inserted into the database using InsertintoDB.sql file. By executing these files a database for DMS can be created. Using these scripts a default admin user will be generated with user name and password "admin". Users can login as admin using this username and password. After loggin in, user can edit admin details.
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