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diffdiffer Diff/patch file highlighter. diff or patch file shows difference in files in whole lines. Sometimes those lines are very similar, only one or two words changed. This script compares changed lines by characters and highlights actual differences in them. It's very helpful in seeing what actually changed in those long lines :) To install, unpack archive and place diffdiffer script into directory in PATH Usage (file MUST be in unified format, -u diff's flag) $ diff -u file1 file2 | diffdiffer $ git diff | diffdiffer $ cvs diff -u -D '1 year ago' -D '11 month ago' | diffdiffer Accepts input in system default encoding (usually utf8), conversion may be needed: $ diff -u file1 file2 | iconv -f koi8-r | diffdiffer To install python3 and tkinter on ubuntu, run: $ sudo aptitude install python3-tk
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