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README for package ddc-morph Last updated for ddc-morph v2.0.0 DESCRIPTION The ddc-morph package contains runtime morphology sources for the ddc (DWDS/Dialing Concordance) document indexing system. You must have compiled (and optionally installed) the ddc package before attempting to build ddc-morph. DEPENDENCIES ddc >= v2.0.0 Dialing/DWDS Concordance core utilities. The 2.x DDC branch is maintained in SVN under: https://ddc-concordance.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ddc-concordance INSTALLATION Issue the following commands to the shell: cd PACKAGE-X.Y.Z (or wherever you extracted the distribution) sh ./configure make make install BUILD OPTIONS The 'configure' script supports the following options, among others: --prefix=PREFIX Last-ditch effort installation prefix. Default=/usr/local. --with-src-rml=DIR Root directory of the compiled or installed ddc package to use for building binary morphology data. If unspecified, defaults to the value of the environment variable $RML if set, otherwise to $PREFIX/ddc. --with-dst-rml=DIR Root directory of the installed ddc package to which the compiled morphology data is to be installed. If unspecified, defaults to the value of the environment variable $RML if set, otherwise to $PREFIX/ddc. --with-morph-src=DIR Directory where morphology sources (${LANG}.mwz, ${LANG}Src/morphs.mrd) are located. Default=./src/Morph. See the output of `./configure --help` for details on additional supported options. KNOWN BUGS Probably many. AUTHOR Alexey Sokirko wrote DDC and the original morph-lexicon package. Bryan Jurish <jurish@bbaw.de> maintains this package. This package contains morphology data from various sources.
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