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usage: DBZulGeneratorlSkeletonTable [option] table_name ... Options and Long options: -c : connection url --url -d : driver class name --driverclass -t : table name --tablename -u : user name --username -p : user password --userpassword -s : schemaname --schemaname -o : output directory --outputdir -m : make tree --maketree --makefileproperties : make file properties (label from fileldname) --makefpropwithlabels : make file properties (label from fieldlabel) --withchilds : generate code for childs --makemenuwithlabels : generate code for menu (label from old label) --makemenu : generate code for menu (label from file name) --dbpropertiesfile : name of file database properties --createbeansfiles : create bean files main, child and parent tables --createdaofiles : create DAO files main tables --createcompozerfiles : create Compozer files main tables --listttablesfile : file with tables list --makei3file : create properties file i3-label_mk.properties --generateI3 : generate I18N messages --filterIgoreCase : insert function upper() for 'like' compare -h or -? or --help : help Example: java -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar DBZUL.jar --dbpropertiesfile dbzuldb -t EMPLOYES java -jar DBZUL.jar --dbpropertiesfile dbzuldb --listttablesfile childs.txt --withchilds
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