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HOW TO SELECT THE RIGHT PACKAGE The packages go by OS and db support. Select the package that matches your environment. There are 2 types of binaries based on the operating system: Linux, Windows. For Linux there are 2 packages: 1) dsp-lin.tar.gz - this package supports all four dbs: Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle client library must be installed. 2) dsp-lin-no-ora.tar.gz - this package supports: Sybase, MSSQL, MySQL; Oracle client library is not required. For Windows there are 4 packages: 1) dsp-all.zip - this package supports all four dbs, Oracle and Sybase client libraries must be installed. 2) dsp-ora.zip - this package supports Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL only, Oracle client library must be installed. 3) dsp-syb.zip - this package supports Sybase, MSSQL, MySQL only, Sybase client library must be installed. 4) dsp-my-ms.zip - this package supports only MSSQL and MySQL, no libraries required outside of standard Windows MSSQL libs.
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